July 2022 – The Zipper Lady

The Colorado Chapter had a stimulating meeting with Alicia, the Zipper Lady (www.thezipperlady.com).  Alicia brought an assortment of zipper tapes and zipper pulls for everyone.  Starting with zippers with the largest teeth we learned how to install the pulls.  Then we tried it on zippers with smaller teeth, which became progressively more difficult, but doable.  Alicia explained how to determine the size of a zipper (width of the closed teeth), but warned us this is not consistent between manufacturers.  She also told us how to identify locking pulls, and threw a couple of them in our assortment, so we had to learn how to manipulate these locking pulls to install them on the zippers.  As we were installing our pulls, Alicia educated us on many other aspects of zipper quality, costs, and terms. 

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