February 2023: Designer Alan Oakes

The Colorado Chapter of ASDP was honored to hear from Designer Alan Oakes, nephew of member Toni Oakes.  Alan has an undergraduate degree in Architecture and an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Fashion Design and Society from Parsons School of Design in New York City.  His degree at Parsons was training to be a Creative Director and create fashion collections.

Alan’s fashion work is with custom-made knit fabrics that include architectural elements. He uses knitting machines to create unique fabrics. For example, he included rectangles of acrylic knitted into the fabric to create the unique design elements in his custom garments, like the blue image shown here.

Alan also uses carbon fiber to create structural elements based on ideas from the hurricane winds he experienced.   For example, he used it to form wings on one garment and to create the extended back on the cream garment shown here.

To see more of Alan’s work, go to about – _alan oakes (alan-oakes.com).

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Photos (c) Alan Oakes, posted with permission.