August 2021: Picnic

In August the Colorado Chapter of ASDP met as a group for the first time since January 2020; we had a picnic at member Marci’s back yard.  We enjoyed decent morning temperatures, low humidity, and relatively little smoke from distant states. 

After enjoying a diverse arrangement of egg dishes, fruits, and deserts we had a short Sew-And-Tell.  Marci had made fourteen WW1 Women’s Signal Corps uniforms for a stage play, and Carol showed her method of computer cutting slits in a sheet of oaktag (Manila folder material) for marking cutting and sewing lines of a pattern.  We also had freebies: Yvonne brought a box of quality fabrics looking for new home, and Pat brought a canvas organizer to hang from an ironing board.

Next month we plan to meet together at our usual library location and finish the gloves we started pre-Covid, based on a class Pat attended at the 2019 National Conference of ASDP. In the future we plan to alternate between online and in person events.