September 2021

In September the Colorado Chapter returned to its old meeting place for the first time since January 2020.  We met to continue stitching our Fashion Gloves, using the techniques John Koch taught at the October 2019 ASDP National Conference.

Member Pat did a quick review of terms and what we’d done previously: setting the thumb into the bolton – the thumb hole with an attached gusset.  Then we stitched “darts” in the fourchettes – the strip of fabric between the fingers – to account for the different depths of the webbing on the palm and face sides of our hands.  After aligning the fourchettes to the trank – the body of the glove – we spent the rest of our time stab stitching the pieces together.

We had a few stumbles, but by the end many were trying on their gloves checking the fit of the first two fingers, and others were happy to understand how the pieces fit together on what originally seemed like strange shapes.

Thumb of fashion glove showing attached gusset.