March 2022 – Croquis

Carol Phillips gave a highly informative and interesting presentation on how to create your personal body croquis for zero dollars using readily available digital resources like smart phones, computers and common tracing and drawing tools. Or, enter 22 body measurements into an online application and generate a customized digital body silhouette for $30 to $ 40 dollars (see My Body Model Application).

     Carol described several sophisticated fashion design packages that are used in the fashion industry including Adobe Suite with Illustrator. Most are expensive to purchase and require serious time to learn.    

A croquis is a quick sketch of a fashion figure. Croquis drawings are minimalist in style and serve as a blank canvas for drawing clothing.

     Carol described the head count method of determining if your body croquis is properly proportioned. A well-balanced body is about 7.5 heads in length and 1.5 heads wide at the shoulders.

     The advantages of using a personal croquis template are many including but not limited to:

  • See what jewelry type and length work best on your body type
  • Check which neckline and sleeve styles look best on you.

     Carol listed several great sources for learning how to make a personalized croquis template and highly recommended searching the Internet. She found one source using our Chapter library catalogue, which identified Threads Magazine No. 125 with the article “Discover the Best Proportions & Styles for You” by Nancy Shriber.

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