Join Our Chapter

Members of the Colorado Chapter of the ASDP Enjoy These Benefits and More!

Member Meetings

We meet once or twice a month. Our meetings are both educational and business oriented. We help and encourage each other to achieve higher standards.

We have different speakers who are experts on a variety of topics relating to sewing from business tips to sewing techniques. We also take field trips to local places of interest related to sewing.

Bringing professionals together for ideas, information and inspiration is a major part of our mission. Custom fit and construction are our specialties, and we want to make you or your clients look superb.

Non-members can come to our meetings for $10.00-$25.00 each, depending on the meeting.

Come to our meetings and we will welcome you as a visitor and as a potential member.

 Email: for more information.

National Online Discussion Group

Another benefit of being a member of a national sewing organization is the online discussion group. Members from across the country discuss problems such as: clients and how to deal with them, specific fabric resources, business tips, techniques for specific garments whether it be bustling a bridal gown or altering a tailored jacket. If you have a question you can ask the group and receive an answer almost immediately

Member Work Quality Jurying

Our chapter is one of a very few in our association that allows members to have their work certified by the jury process. 

As professionals, our work should reflect the standards of a professional sewing organization. Members can be juried in many different categories from alterations to tailoring. Certificates are given for each category that you pass.

Since formal educational programs for our profession are limited in the U.S., the jurying program is one way in which you can document your proficiency and expertise. It is also a useful advertising tool that you can show your clients. Being juried will challenge your abilities and will encourage you to take your skills to the next level.

Many members of the ASDP Colorado chapter have been juried by their peers within the frame work of the Standards of Quality for Custom Clothing established by the National Assoc. of Sewing and Design Professionals.

Holding all of our work to this standard of quality ensures that our members continue to improve in all areas of expertise. This is one way in which we uphold high and consistent standards in the field of sewing and design. 

Learn more about how you can become a member.