History of the Colorado ASDP Chapter

Our Colorado-based group of sewing professionals began in 1990 and has had three name changes as we merged with other groups and grew in scope and interests.

A blue and white logo with the letters C C P in the upper left over a grid of lines.  The words Custom Clothing Professionals of Colorado Inc. are written on the lower right.

In 1990 we were known as the Custom Clothing Professionals (CCP) of Colorado, Inc. We had one of our first announced meetings starting in July 1991. Many of our original members have been in the group since its beginning over twenty-five years ago (see photo below).

A purple and white logo with an oval overwritten with the words The Professional Association of Custom Clothiers and a scroll underneath

In January 1992 we combined our Colorado group with a similar group from Portland, OR. Together we changed our group names to form a single group known as the Professional Association of Custom Clothiers (PACC). In addition to local meetings, two years later (in 1994) we held our first national conference.

A black and white logo with a dress form and roll of fabric in the upper left.  On the right are the words Association of Sewing and Design Professionals Colorado Chapter.

After twelve years as PACC, the group membership had expanded to include a broader range of sewing and design interests. A new name was chosen and in 2004, PACC changed its name to Association of Sewing and Design Professionals (ASDP). We have continued as the Colorado Chapter of ASDP to present.

A mostly black and white logo with a pair of sewing needles above and below.  The letters A S D P are on the left and the words Association of Sewing and Design Professionals is on the right.  The word Colorado in purple is written under the letters A S D P.

In 2019, ASDP decided to update its logo to reflect a global membership. The logo changed to two sewing needles with the “Global” indication under ASDP. To keep our logos similar, we updated our chapter logo, replacing “global” in the national logo with the word “Colorado”.

Some of the original members. From left right: Mamie Healer, Karen Bengtson, Mary Beth Davis, Susi Sillerud, Noreen Bruns, Kathy Concklin (Illian), Clara Dittli, Jan McKinley, and Ruth Kerns.

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