About Member Yvonne Jennings

Yvonne Jennings started sewing after high school, when she needed nice clothes for work.  She had to learn how to adjust patterns to fit her short stature, wide shoulders, and long arms.  Not being afraid to try anything, she started with a difficult Vogue Pattern and made that suit multiple times, with some direction from her mother.  Yvonne continued by taking many sewing classes, making all her suits, pants, skirts, and tailored shirts as her work wardrobe.

Yvonne has been recycling fabric for forty years.  She like to take the fabric from recycled clothes and made clothing for herself.  If she finds a pretty man’s shirt, she’ll take it apart and make herself a shirt.  She’ll remove the pocket, and if the shirt has a logo, she’ll flip the fabric so the logo so it falls at the hem of her shirt.  She’ll keep the collar but cut it in half and resew it to fit her size.  And she’ll keep the front placket and reuse it; why should she resew the buttons and buttonholes?

Yvonne turned her sewing skills into an alteration business and is happy teaching others to sew.  She currently has a 13-year-old young man learning to use the sewing machine, and all about fabric.  Yvonne would be happy mentor another student in the basics of sewing and the sewing business.