About Member Denise Blankenheim

Denise Blankenheim started her career in sewing in 1973 as a Fashion and Design graduate of the Madison Area Technical College. She worked several jobs creating garments for clients before moving to Denver. At that time, she was making all her clothes, including her undergarments, and making whatever she wanted. Denise spent many years doing alterations for bridal companies and grew to be the 12-year manager of a bridal-gown company.

In 2012, Denise decided to take a job in her sunroom doing custom garment construction and custom alterations for women. Recently she has added teaching to her repertoire as a way to share her knowledge and joy of sewing. Denise is flexible and willing to teach whatever the student wants to learn. She says that once someone can make custom garments, they know three-quarters of what is required to do custom alterations, because much of alterations is redoing the garment.

Denise is willing to take a mentee and share what she has learned.