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Design To Fashion LLC
I am the founder of both Design To Fashion LLC and MTM Pattern CAD LLC, an independent designer, freelance pattern maker, and industry leader. I have a BA in clothing technology and design technology. My initial goal when choosing an online course overseas was quite simply reduced cost. I since discovered the immense advantage of learning fashion technology from an institute that runs an adjacent factory was huge. The entire BA was geared towards practical application in all product development and garment production fields. For me, growth in the fashion industry is not just about every small business and designer but about building bridges between custom tailors, small-batch manufacturers, and the larger industry. I preside over the Colorado Chapter of the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals and am always looking for new ways to promote fashion businesses locally. The patent-pending technology behind MTM Pattern CAD's Made-To-Measure AI algorithm is built to ensure that everyone has access to a computer-generated pattern from the designers who will be using this system. This means that disabled people and communities of small people should also be able to shop in the same stores as everyone else. Clothes that don't fit everyone should be a thing of the past. I also offer private lessons and internship opportunities to introduce others to the world of sewing and fashion design.
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