Yvonne Jennings

Yvonne's Specialties:
  • Alterations – All Types of Garments

Yvonne’s mission is to take garments that people already like and turn them into something they absolutely love – because now they fit perfectly and exude style.

Contact Yvonne:
303-841-5859 or president@colosewingpros.org

Yvonne Jennings is an alterations authority with over 40 years of experience in turning garments that people already like into something that they absolutely love because it fits perfectly and gives them the reality of style.

She began sewing at an early age alongside her European trained mother and over the years has continued learning from some of the best professional sewers in the country including Roberta Carr, Margaret Islander, and Clare Schaeffer.

Yvonne does custom clothing alterations work for commercial garment businesses and private individuals in the Metro Denver Area.  Her quality mantra is to get the alteration right every time and wow her customers.   She works tirelessly to achieve as close to perfection as possible and there is no alteration challenge that is too big or too small for Yvonne to take on.