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Silky Home Dec pillow with rust fringe and woven ribbons in rust, gray and white that form a stacked block pattern.


Most Members of the ASDP Colorado Chapter have been juried by their peers within the framework of the Standards of quality for Custom Clothing established by the National Association of Sewing and Design Professionals.

This testing ensures that the members continue to improve in their areas of expertise and that our customers are satisfied with our services and our products. This process is part of our goal to uphold high standards in the field of sewing and design.  For more information on this process see the Jury Process page.

Sometimes, you can get you a rough estimate of the cost of a project in a phone call. But most often the seamstress needs to review many factors before citing prices, including the choice of fabric and style, pattern adjustments, pattern drafting, fitting issues, cutting and the actual sewing of the garment.

Here are a few tips to help you when contacting a sewing and design professional.

Strapless green dress on a manequine.  Dress has a tulle skirt and wide waistband.
Green party dress custom designed and sewn by a juried member of the Colorado chapter of the ASDP.


  • Read the member profile of your chosen professional carefully before you call.
  • Have a description of your project ready.
  • Work out your budget.
  • If you have questions about a project be ready to ask.
  • What is your time line for the project?  Bear in mind that anything less than 6-8 weeks might require a rush fee.
  • Ask to schedule a consultation and be aware that most professionals will charge a fee for this.

When you get to your consultation, listen carefully to any tips and suggestions your sewing professional gives you.  We all try our absolute best to find ways to make your project perfect for you but we might need to suggest slight changes in order to ensure that your finished project is properly made and of quality. You want to work with someone who can deliver what you want but is honest and professional enough to guide you.

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